Thursday, May 5, 2011

Things are looking up

I had some wonderful things happen this week. I met a new friend though surrogacy. She is getting ready to try and get pg on her own. She has been such a fun person to talk to and I hope that her wish comes true in a couple weeks.
Then got a special email from someone I have knows for a long time via surrogacy but never got the chance to work with. Now I may get that chance. I'll share more when things are more for sure

Katy had an appointment this week. They are planning to strip her membranes Monday. I hope this works. I really don't want her to be induced. I hate the idea of that and how some end up with a csec. I want her to be lucky and have an easy vag. delivery.
So in about 1-2 weeks I  will have a beautiful granddaughter to love and hold.
Oh by the way the baby shower was a huge success.

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