Friday, March 23, 2012

Could I be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

It's been a while since I have posted. Kind of feel like starting a new blog but this one will do for now.

So I have been back to work but hours are not much. It's ok for now though as I have many appointments and things going on. I go every other week to have my blood level checks. My it's taken some time to get them to level out but they are doing pretty good now. I have seen the primary doc and the pulmonary and had a cat scan done of my head too. No word so I am guessing all is good but who knows until they tell you.
The primary thinks after 6 months of being on meds (so in June) I should be able to stop meds. I am happy but scared. Will see what happens. I just hope to stay on the program that is taking care of my testing but since my husband is now working not sure? UGH!
We moved into a nicer home and we share it with my bff Stacie and her son. It's nice and things are going good. Tyson got a full time job!! He is doing construction like remodeling work. He's been doing a nice house doing both bathrooms, he did some training on walk in bathtubs installs and will train on tough shed installs. The company owner and manager really like him so he is feeling pretty good about it. I am thrill for him and
The grand kids have been growing like weeds. Tristen is doing great in his school. Seems like he is becoming more social and talkative. Khloe is starting to walk. OMG she is so funny when she does this. She stands there waving her arms up and down, like winding herself up then takes 3-4 steps.
I am so hoping to save some money to hopefully do a Disney trip in fall or Dec. 2013. My hope is a 3 day Disney cruise then 4 days at WDW and 1 at universal. Will see, as I hope this kind of stuff all the time but if he is working still this should be able to happen. Fingers crossed right?lol
Oh and more good news. I found out my sister Amanda is having a boy (due 8/6/12) and my step sister Dan-El is having a boy (due 7/29/12). How cool is that? I get to have one of each again. My other sister Alicia has a girl 18 and a boy 13. I am one happy auntie.