Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WOW! so much has happened

So where to begin? I guess from Sat. The day I did get to start my meds and thought the day was going to be exciting but never imagine just what that meant.
I got a call from my sister asking if I was sitting down. Ya why? She starting crying and said that Lita was being put to sleep in a couple hours and we should come say good bye. Lita was our rottweiler that we raised since she was a baby. We had to move into a place we couldn't take her and so my mom kept her for us and when we had the room we just couldn't see moving her back and forth so my mom kept her there. She was 9 and had started getting ill this week. They ran lots of test and well everything was shutting down. So it was time to say good bye.
Tyson loved her so much but didn't want to see her like that so he stayed home with the baby. Katy and I went and got to give her some love and hold her for a bit. She was the best dog, so gentle and well mannered.
When Katy and I left she asked if we could stop by the dress shop and try on wedding dresses. So we did as this would get our minds of things.
She tried on a pretty dress but she wasn't happy with it. So she tried on another, I could see her expression this was the dress. She was in love and I have to say it looked like it was made just for her. We loved. it. She still tried on a couple more to make sure and still came back to this one. So we were told the cost of $998 and that it was a dress not on their website or in magazines as it's a demo. Ok so we then thought even though it's a great price we were only there for fun and would continue to look. Then another associate come over and said the dress was discontinued and this one was the only one available and that price had dropped. They walked away to see how much and Katy and I were like hope it's good. But she was scared as she didn't want to miss out on this dress now. They came back with $495 as the cost and only half down to keep it. WOW! that is incredible so we now have her wedding
So that was an unexpected thing to happen but sure put a smile on both our
So later in night Katy called me just after 11pm to inform me her best friend's dad passed. I felt terrible for them and she was so sad. I tried to comfort her on the phone and decided Sunday she would come over and we would make a dinner to bring her friend's family.
Sunday came and Katy came to cook up some dinner. We then went to pick her finance up and we stopped by to bring them dinner. The friend's grandma use to rent a house to us and had a letter from the city for me. Oh wow what's that about as I haven't lived in the house in over 4 years. Can you believe I got a check from them for $540? I was shocked. Guess when I was in a car accident and they sent me to the county hospital they made some billing errors and they presently did an audit and I got lucky to get the check. Weird how that worked out huh?
So last night (Tues 9/14/10) Katy calls me again at 11:30pm to let me know she just did a pregnancy test and it was positive. What a way to be woken up huh? We talked for a bit as she was crying as she was now worried about lots of stuff. I told her it would all work out and not to worry. So I guess this means I am going to have another grand baby. I am happy, wish it wasn't like this but hey things happen for a reason right? The funny things is if/when I get pregnant in a couple weeks we will only be like a month apart. How strange that will be.

Friday, September 10, 2010

excited, sad, hopeful

Excited tomorrow is the big day to start my meds!  I sent an email letting my Ip's know that in June they would hopefully have a baby to bring home. It seemed to mean a lot to them. He sent an email to me and I think it's starting to sink in that this could be our winning cycle.

Sad, my daughter Katy has to hurt right now. Her best friend's dad is being removed from life support. They say he may stay a live a few days but will not survive. She wants me and her dad to come say good bye to him, but we barely knew him. I then realized she just needs us for support for her and so we need to come. It breaks my heart she is hurting for her friend and she has known him for many years.

Hopeful, that we can help a special little girl with cancer. To help raise funds there is a way to get something out of it too. If your planning a trip to WDW you don't want to pass this deal up. You can rent a house with a private pool for just $85 a night or $95 during peak dates. 20% of this will be donated to the Hailey fund if you mention her name. See links below to learn about her and the rental.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ED starts meds

So tomorrow morning Stacie starts her meds. It's the lupron  this will help suppress her ovaries so they can do what the RE wants them to do. I know she is glad to be getting things going as our the ip's and I. It seems like it's been forever.
So we had our loss end of May. Thought we would move quickly into July but ip's needed to wait for Sept. Ok fine waiting is something I learned how to deal with. But we all thought that would mean a transfer for Sept. But this wasn't the case. The RE starts you in Sept but the retrieval and transfer is for the fist week of Oct. Weird how that works huh?
So anyway, we are starting so I am happy.
So let me tell you some about my relationship with ip's. I talk mainly to IF (99%). I think I spoke to IM two times but maybe just once? She is very sweet but he is the one who is outgoing and she is quite shy. I know most would be put off by this, but I am not bothered. He is supper easy to talk to. I really enjoy how openess and if I wonder how they are feeling he will not hesitate to tell me they are scared, nervous, excited, working hard to keep the money flowing for all the Seriously, when you work indy it's important to be able to talk this stuff.
He shares stories of their lives, their DD and love for I think they picked me because they can come to Hooter's in Vegas.JK.  See it's joking around like that that makes it fun. They are going to be supper nervous when I get preg. I know they will be more worried than they may say to me. I can't imagine how hard it will be the closer I get the 20 weeks. Then each hour/day/week/month past that it might sink in that this baby will actually get to go home with them.
I kind of think the good things of this are she has experienced this. She knows what I am going to go through for them. Not all my ip's know this prior. Some never had to do it they couldn't carry for reason's of no uterus, cancer, past the age to conceive and do to health risk. I did have one who did IVF on herself many times and this one will be the only to have done it on her self/ and carried a babies.

Wanted to share more.
The photo is of Stacie and I with my youngest Katy and her son Austin. She loves Disney too.
Stacie and I are trying to see if a quick trip to Cal. will work for this weekend. I won a vip pass for 4 to view the new World of Color at Cal Adventure. It's not a full day pass but it's still a way to enjoy a bit of Disney. Scrunching numbers but still not a final yes or I know not much time right?
If we go it will be her son Austin, my grandson Tristen, Stacie and I (hey my spelling and proper Eng. isn't the best, but it's my blog and if I mess up you know what I am trying to say right?LOL)
Oh I also found out today I will be moving into the house we wanted. Finally got an answer. It's nice knowing but OMG it's a lot of money to move. You just thing oh not too much, but then you sit and think, gotta get a truck, more packing supplies, more deposits for bills and home, need to pay to have a carpet guy do old place, need to get more cleaning stuff. See it's enough to make anyone's head spin. I bet I am not even listing everything.
Oh and my youngest DD Katy and her now FiancĂ©e want to get married next Sept. Will see if they stick to this date but for now that's the talk. We have planned our Disney Cruise for 9/11/11. So I think they will do it on the 3rd and then the next week is the trip.
I always plan to do something Disney with my family after each Surrogacy. See my title comes in handy? I was blessed with ip's who made this happen. First ones sent us to WDW, second to Disneyland, Third Disney Cruise and WDW all paid by them. They really spoiled me. My fourth and fifth ip's also spoiled me but I was blessed by them in other ways. Well not really my fourth as we don't talk since she was 3 weeks (prior to that great). My fifth  keeps me happy as she continues to make me feel like her friend. But she has given me some really special gifts and memories.
 So to continue my Disney tradition I did it myself with pleasure. My fourth was a Disney Cruise but not the whole family. DH and oldest stayed home as Brit just had Tristen. And my fifth was to WDW just DH, me and Tristen's first Disney trip.
Oh and you will find I ramble on sometimes. It really makes more since in my head I

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My first attempt at a blog

Hello, my name is Michele. I am a wife, mother of two girls 20/19 years old and one grandson who is turning 2.
I have been doing surrogacy for many years now. I love what it's brought to my life and what I have done to help too.
So I thought beings this should be my very last time at being a surrogate I should keep a blog about it. It's funny how much you forget. I think it also has something to do with how many babies I have had that have sucky my brain cells.LOL


Now I am cycling again with a pending transfer around the 6h of Oct. My IP's are from FL and have a little girl. They really are a great couple. They have tried having a sibling but after 2 late losses at 20 weeks they decided it's best to get a GS (me). They even have my best friend Stacie as their ED. So with any luck will be pregnant.
This will actually be our second try. We did a cycle in April with frozen embryos from a prior ED. We did get pregnant but never saw a heart beat. We did see what looked to be a embryo that may have been splitting but it wasn't meant to be.
I start my meds on the 11th of Sept.

I hope you all stick around to see how things go.