Saturday, May 14, 2011


So tomorrow I will have a phone call with my potential match!!
Stephanie and Simple Surrogacy has found me a wonderful single mom that I hope to help. I look forward to talking to her early Sunday morning. If all goes well we may be started asap?
I have been talking to her for a few days via email. The funny thing is I have actually had contact with the IM back in early Dec. I emailed when I saw her on SMO looking to find a GS. With relying on emails that get lost in space my reply back to her never sent. So I thought she just didn't reply back and she must have thought the same thing.
Funny how things work out. It's all good though as I have known Stephanie for a long time and have wanted to work with her agency for a couple years now.
So wish me luck with my call and I hope to make an official announcement soon.

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