Sunday, May 15, 2011


Ok it's official. I am matched to a this wonderful lady in NY named MaryEllen.(she and I both agree to using our names). She has a little girl 3 and we can't wait to get started. I am looking into getting my medical done, get contracts started and she is also in need of an ED. So we have a few things to get started but if all goes well maybe the end of July early Aug. might work? We shall see.
Either way, I am so happy she wants lots of contact before, during and after. She said this would be a deal breaker if I didn't. Well that is all I have ever wanted anyway, so no problem there.
Not sure when we will meet in person, but it's ok with both of us if it's a while. We feel very comfortable with each other and our agency.
So I will keep you all posted as to how things come along.

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RebekahRose said...

That is fantastic news!! So excited for you!!