Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What? I may be getting testing soon...

Ok so remember way back when I had a couple from England that wants me to be there GS? Well guess what? After what seems to have been a long wait, well it was a long wait. They now have been cleared by their new clinic in Connecticut and I should be getting my testing set up soon. I have already been given an RX for birth control so this is improvement.lol
I spoke to the nurse Jill and she called my rx in and said they are just waiting for them to go over my records and  let me know what I need done. So maybe some time this week I may have some more news.
It's been like 3 months. The agency had to get things done between the ip's and me, then the we had to set up a consult but they were on vacation. Then I get that then it was waiting on the old clinic to set up a consult with the ip's. That took another 3 weeks. Then a week later I find out they aren't going to use him after all and are now looking a new one. I then find out they found one but had to wait a couple weeks for the new consult. That was done on Thanksgiving and now things are on the go. They just have to get me and the ED on the same schedule too. Gosh I wonder how long this will be?

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