Thursday, November 10, 2011

Had a dream about my TS surro bub

So my TS surro bub is turning 16 in April. I have never met him since they left a few days after birth. I do have contact with his family and I respect their choices. They have said for years and years they are going to tell him and each time she says she's going to tell him it's going to be soon and expect a knock at the door as she is sure he will want to come meet me and "his sisters'. Those are her words.
Years have gone by and she still hasn't said anything. I just figure one day she will be I am worried how he will handle it.
Well now they are expecting a baby girl in just a few weeks with their new TS. As of a month ago mom says she still hasn't said anything and planned to when dad was home, he travels a lot, but then the bad weather happened in Va. where the live and they had flooding. Then dad had to leave again.
I was like really your about to bring home a baby and he has no clue still? She said when dad gets back they will sit him down to tell him.
Does this mean they haven't even set up a nursery for the new baby?
I am so worried how he will react I am dreaming about it. I just don't want him to be upset with me or his parents. I feel he will. She says no he will be fine. Well how can she be so sure? She hasn't ever had to find out her parents weren't her birth parents. He will not be prepared to here this I am afraid.
Ugh!! I adore them I really do but they are not seeing the full picture. I know I have no clue how he will be either as I don't know him. I just don't know anything.

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