Thursday, November 3, 2011

And here I sit

Things seem to be all about wait and see. It's either for one reason or another. So I sit and wait for things to come. What is meant to be will be.

On top of all the waiting my father in law passed away. He has been fighting cancer for a long time. We even went to see him on what was to be his death bed way back in July. He defied the doctors by getting better and getting out of the hospice and going home. He did very well too. The cancer didn't get better though. So he went in for chemo on Wed.  10/26/11 and passed on Wed. 11/2/11. He was loved by two sons, two grand daughters and two great grand kids. Not to mention me and lots of friends.
My poor husband is heart broken to find out he left his things to an ex girlfriend but not much we can do about that. He did what he wanted I guess. So we will be left with memories and nothing to pass down.

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