Sunday, August 7, 2011

One bumpy ride

So many things going on not even sure where to start.
First is we went into contracts. Bad thing is we went into contracts. From one attorney refusing to keep things in that was agreed on from day one. Stating laws. When there is still always a way to have them in if worded correctly.
Then one attorney asking to have it switched to a local attorney to be able to state the laws here. Then to have another doing a counter offer that was never expected to be accepted but to have the first attorney rethink things and add back what is to be in it from the beginning.
I believe it's causes all party's to have worries when in reality if the parties involved were sitting at a table they could have it all worked out with no issues. It's just sad it's gotten like this and I hope that things get worked out soon. I know I am hurting and I am quite sure she is too. If it does get worked out soon then great if not then we may be onto new journeys. I know this isn't what I want.
I do believe everyone involved is really trying so this is a good sign.

On top of that my father-in-law is dying of cancer. He went into hospice last Friday. He was completely incoherent and is now up talking, walking and asking to go home. This is just crazy how it's going. We know the health is still the same as he is still dying from cancer but he is just such a strong man he isn't going down with out a It's quite the emotional ride that is for sure. Last weekend we are talking about canceling his things like direst tv, news papers, closing up apartment, dumping old meds down the toilet. To now saying well crap he's gonna be mad when he gets There is just no book on what you should do and all we have done is to do our best for him. We offered for him to return home with us. He only wants to go to his place. I don't think that is wise as he really does need help all day long. Guess will see what the future brings.

The family is doing good. The grand kids are growing up so fast.

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