Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One good thing today

I have been approved for health insurance!!! Not just major medical either. I will now have maternity coverage!! I am so excited! I was worried when I first heard I was denied insurance from the major group here. I thought my chances of continue on was over. Then found out about this pre-existing plan and that it's good for me and nothing against surrogacy got me hopeful again. It only took less than two weeks too. I was very happy for that as when I first called I was told it could take 5-6 weeks.
Now I am just hoping the contract issues can be cleared. I know things have been going on behind the scenes and my attorney was doing some research. She found some things out last night and is calling me today to discuss them. I sure hope it's good news.
I just want to help MaryEllen have baby number 2. I am so ready as is she.

Wish us luck.

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