Friday, July 15, 2011

Ups and Downs

So if there is something that can go wrong it seems to happen in
 I had my fluid u/s done and got the all clear. I was so happy. I mean there could have been a polyp or something else that could have caused us to hault or pause. Thankfully they were happy to see my uterus is in good shape. The only down fall is I have been bleeding while on the pill for 3 weeks. Not fun let me tell ya. They took me off the pill and put me on two estrogen patches from Wed. to Sat. and if still bleeding (which I am) then put two more on. They say this will do the trick but I am not so sure anymore. UGH! I hope it does. Then I start the pill again.
Then I got word that the insurance I applied for that was asked if they would decline me for having GD in the past did just that declined me. UGH! It took them long enough to let me know. So that put a huge scare in me. I had the broker contacting other insurances but they too all said they would decline me for that or a couple other stupid things.
Then she called with good news. There is a new insurance that is desinged for those who have a pre-existing condition, been turned down by an insurance, and no insurance for at least 6 months. I fit the bill! So I applied that nigh and had to have my Dr. say I had one of the conditions and send in my letter from the other insurance that they declined me. The good thing also it's cheaper and it covers maternity when the other wasn't going to unless there was some major medical reason. So I am happy and I see no reason why I wouldn't get this one now.
Then my IM's attorney did as promised had the contracts done before the end of the week. The only thing is she left out lots of things that the agency asked to have in and lots of things I need in it. My attorney said no way are we signing this until it's fixed. Then it seem to be going down hill even more with the other attorney saying no. Um hello, why not? I guess things are going on behind the scenes as my attorney today said there was more added but still not quite right but she was looking into things. So I hope this a good sign.
I just want to have things go smooth now. My poor IM is just as excited and eager too. We have the ED ready to do things now as I think she started her period so now it's time for her to be checked and started. We don't need any more stress.
Speaking of stress I am hopeful to be rid of that soon too. I hear my clinic offers massage and acupuncture and my IM says to get it done. She had this for her cycles and believes it's a good thing. I have never had this so I am really looking forward to trying it out! She is such a sweet lady. I so can't wait to get this thing going and hope to have first time success and enjoy this journey with her and her DD.

In my home life, it's been busy! Having two little ones at home is fun but Tristen is still trying to potty train, and we found out he will be getting assessed for her speech and any other issue he may or may not have. I am excited for him. I think he tries so hard to communicate but sometimes it's just so hard for him.
Khloe is still dealing with reflux but she is doing better with the pain. She is going to see a GI in just over a week. Yay!
My baby (katy) turns 20 in just over a week too. Time flies by I swear I remember her following me around everywhere.

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