Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So I am still waiting to find out if I am officially matched or not. I really like this couple but there have been a few things that I thought were worked out and ok but are now back in the talks and not so ok.
Working on insurance isn't the most fun part of being a surrogate. I sure wish that insurance co. Would be more open to surrogacy and understand these couples have been through so much all ready to have a baby that adding these stresses isn't right.
We should all be able have coverage no matter who is keeping the baby at the end. Even an adoption is covered but because we planned on having one then it's not.
So until we hear more I guess we are in limbo and I may have to keep looking too. I am not even sure if their clinic will approve me yet. Waiting for the RE to get back in town and review my records.

In other news. My daughter's baby shower in April 30th. I have lots to do and plan but I just have to wait to do most of it in a couple weeks. My co Host is so busy right now with her grandpa in in the hospital with a broken hip, now replaced.

So will see what my next update brings. lol


ws.d said...

Thank you for sharing your experiences of surrogacy!
Help us to promote awareness of surrogacy through World Surrogacy Day on 4th November 2011...

RebekahRose said...

I am sorry things are still up in the air - and I agree it STINKS that insurance companies make things so frustrating and nerve wracking for us! I hope you hear back from the RE's office soon!