Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year

So as the New Year approaches, I am thinking of how I hope things will be. My hope is to help one more family and I am sure one day that will happen. I am just waiting for the right couple/or parent to find me or me them.
Next is to see my husband get some better opportunities. He has made some great new changes in his life and it's time to see how things can improve in the employment fields.
For Katy to have a healthy baby girl. Her name will be Khloe Giselle (not sure how to spell the middle name) but it's Chason's grandmother's name and she was a Holocaust survivor. It was quite the debate on that one but thankfully they came to a
I would like to see Brittany to continue her education. She was doing so good but then when her ITT school moved across town it made it more difficult for her to travel there.
I hope to see my grandson Tristen to continue to grow and learn as he is such a great boy. He is so good with acting out movie themes. He is only two but seriously can act out scenes form Lion King, Monster's Inc. and even UP. lol
The rest is for my family and friends to have love and peace within them.
May you all have a wonderful year and find your dreams to come true. Happy 2011!!!

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