Monday, January 30, 2012

Starting over in another direction

So my mind is more clear now and I am feeling better. The pain isn't there all the time like before. It's easier to see things now that I am past that part, I hope. I don't want to continue to worry about the what ifs but to think of what I have.
I am so very lucky to have survived what I did. I know this now. I didn't realize it before. I have a loving husband. We have been together over 23 years. Two amazing daughters. To which are great moms to the best grand kids I could ever ask for. My family who has been incredibly supportive and trying to help me in any way they can. Friends who have brought me lots of fun times and check in on me to make sure my spirits are high. And two of the best IMs a girl can ask for.
I still have a long road ahead but I will make the best of it. I will learn and hopefully teach others. I am returning to work Wed. I can't wait. I asked to return today but since my not says the 1st I have to wait. Oh well just two more days. I need to do this to feel more normal.
Tyson has been asked two times to come for an interview but both times the GM has had something come up and rescheduled. She said to try tomorrow. UGH. I hope so.
So maybe this year will get better. Did I mention my 42 bday is coming up. Feb 15. I am looking forward to having another year of life and family to love.

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RebekahRose said...

I am happy to see your post and glad there seems to be some good things coming and to know you are surrounded by loving family and friends through it all!!